Media kit

Hello and welcome to FlySpy. We are an  Australian based company working to promote truth in travel by providing its growing readership with an  innovative and fresh approach to travel reviews.  Whilst we are a relatively new company on the market, we are already making an impact on social media, with over  a post reach on Facebook  of over 6000 within 7 days of beginning our first post.  We will expand our readership as we aim to be the most reliable, up-to-date and customer focused website available today. 

As we know, Australian's and New Zealanders  are great travellers and it its hoped that our website and blog posts can help these seasoned travellers determine the best choices available to them  across a range of price points.  Ultimately,  FlySpy aims to connect with travel agents, and particularly the corporate market, to provide a direct link to passenger experiences across a range of airline and hotel operators who choose to work with us.  


Who is FlySpy?

My name is Elijah Eliopoulos and I have extensive resume of airline  experience across a range of dynamic roles and airlines.  I started my career after leaving high school working for Singapore Airlines, then moved on to working for Flight Centre, STA Travel,  Ansett Australia, British Airways, Hawaiian Airlines and ultimately with Qantas Airways.  Travelling and customer service  is in my DNA and it is what I am passionate about.

Our customers are your customers

Our customers said they are looking for specific - up to date airline and hotel reviews that are intelligent and  undertaken in real time.  We aim to focus our product on the leisure and corporate travel markets as well as meeting the needs of the individual traveller.  Our customers at this time are predominantly women and we are working to improve our visibility in the 35-65+ demographic. 

FlySpy Consultancy.

We offer a consultancy service to drive your product delivery in the right direction  and ensure that you retain your valued customers.  Do you need some advice on how your people are performing?  Are they delivering the service  standards that you have designed?  We can tell you who is creating memorable experiences for your customers, and those that aren't.

FlySpy and Social Media. 

The use of social media is detrimental to what we do.  We aim to share our  real experiences though various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We post live feeds at different  customer touch points. 

We are a new entrant to the travel blogging scene however in one month we have achieved more than 3,800 likes and this will only increase in time. We are implementing the latest technologies in social media to get more readers to our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

We are the truth in travel. We are guided by our integrity to the travelling public and our readership.  We are very sensitive to our associate hotels and airlines and provide an intelligent and unemotional reviews. We simply  report  on the facts.